The Hetra complex is situated in the historical city centre, in Rione Sallustiano, the neighbourhood lying within the confines of Porta Pia, via Boncompagni, via Bissolati and via XX September.

A monumental beauty

The area is named after the Horti Sallustiani, where the Roman senator Sallustio wished the grand dwellings of the aristocrats to be located.

Elegant, well looked after, and adorned by lush gardens, the Horti became accommodation for Roman emperors and consuls that found there splendour and peace, just a short walk from the beating heart of the Empire. 

An oasis housing the charm of Roman nobility and the attractionof "la dolce vita”.

In addition to their rich vegetation, the Horti featured prestigious architectonic and decorative elements like the candid marble statues, arcades and fountains that cooled down sunny afternoons.

Today, this area still conserves its ancient origins as a protected oasis in the heart of the city, narrating the ancient charm of Roman nobility through rich buildings, large homes, well-kept court yards and quiet streets.


The Hetra complex stands in amongst some of the most well-known, and visited monuments and historical and artistic attractions in Italy. A short walk away, Via Vittorio Veneto awaits seductively with its cafés and hotels symbolic of Fellini’s “La dolce vita”. 

Slightly westwards the imposing steps of the church of the Santissima Trinità dei Monti land in Piazza di Spagna, then lead off towards via Condotti, the hub of Italian high fashion, with the most luxurious, renowned boutiques in the world.

Not far-off, Piazza del Popolo welcomes you with its 16,000 sqm pedestrian zone and offers a magnificent view of the Pincian Hill. 

Heading back towards the Rione Sallustiano area, we come across the magnificence of the Trevi Fountain, Piazza della Repubblica’s embrace and the greenery of Villa Borghese. A phenomenal trip across thousands of years of Italian history, art and beauty.



Via Veneto – 500m 6 min on foot

Villa Borghese – 600m 7 min on foot

Fontana di Trevi – 1300m 15 min on foot

Barberini – 700m 8 min on foot

Piazza di Spagna – 1300m 15 min on foot

Ciampino – 28km 35 minuti in auto

Fiumicino – 33km 45 minuti in auto

Stazione Termini – 1300m 15 min on foot

Rione Sallustiano is considered one of the most prestigious areas in Rome,  on the housing market.Its central position, outwith the limited traffic areas, makes it attractive to those seeking a solution of considerable architectonic prestige in a strategic position, with good accessibility.
The Hetra complex is at the centre of this area, which is well served by public transport and accessible with every means. The metropolitan line is 700 metres from the complex - line A, stop: Barberini - and endless bus lines serve the area.

A story of art and magnificence.